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We combine experience, passion and technical expertise to develop immersive brand and digital experiences.




It’s about having first – a foundational understanding of the brand and market, the audience and overall goals and objectives. 

We help client brands transform and grow by developing brand and marketing strategies, messaging, design, logos and identity, website development, exhibit assets, packaging and advertising. With every project, we work to combine imaginative, human-centered design with creative ideas and technical excellence.




We ensure your brand and website clearly communicates who you are, what you do and what you stand for in the world.


Then we uncover your authentic story 
and develop a brand narrative and messaging that evokes clarity and distinction.


We discover creative ways to breakthrough, connect and engage with your audiences across multiple media apertures.


It doesn’t stop – we make sure your brand inspires, engages and stays relevant with your customers during the buying process and long after.



It starts with understanding the market including; trends competitors, customer expectations and current challenges.


This is followed by a plan outlining how the brand will be positioned to become that ‘certain something’ in their minds.


Creativity now takes center stage. We develop inspiring ideas with creative design that engages and inspires.


We refine and implement the creative and build it out for intended apertures. And, then we introduce your brand to the world.


  • It begins with discovery… we learn as much as possible about the competitive landscape and audience behaviours and how it relates to your brand. We discover what makes you better—what makes you different—why it matters and why they should engage. We uncover your purpose, your attributes, brand promise and brand position to inspire your audience to believe. We bring physical, social and digital space together through strategy.

    ​— Market Research & Analysis
    — Brand Audit 
    — Interviews
    — Brand Architecture
    — Brand Planning
    — Brand Strategy
    — Brand Platform Development

    — Story Development
    — Messaging Points
    — Launch Strategy
    — Marketing Strategy

  • Brand logo and identity design is at the very core of crafting high level communications assets. Whether we are designing from the ground up, or working from an established identity, the whole brand experience rings back to the identity. We can help you tell your story through design and make sure your message is understood and resonates.

    ​— Creative Design
    — Naming
    — Stylescape Development
    — Brand Logo & Identity
    — Design Application
    — Brand Identity Systems
    — Brand Guidelines
    — Infographics
    — Illustration & 3D Renderings

    — Copy Writing
    — Messaging Development
    — Interior Design 
    — Branded Merch

  • Effective production and implementation is where the rubber hits the road. For the brand design to be successful, it must continue through with seamless execution to be successful. Through efficient and adaptable project management we work to keep projects on track while ensuring project and budget objectives are met with success.

    ​— Project Management
    — Implementation & Production
    — Digital Image Editing  
    — Multi-Language Translation
    — Proofing
    — Supplier Sourcing 
    — Fabrication & Millwork

  • The website is the foundational communications touchpoint for every brand. Add to that, websites have functions to process layers of information and tools that inform, sell, track and process. We balance creativity with complex development needs to create intuitive, scalable website assets that are functional, responsive, reliable – yet always reflecting the unique attributes of the brand.

    — Information Architecture
    — Content Development 
    — Wireframe Development
    — UX & UI Design
    — Prototype Design
    — Technology Integration
    — CMS Integration
    — Motion & Video Graphics
    — Pitch Decks & Presentations
    — Social Media 
    — QA & Testing
    — Launch

  • Print is tactile and tangible, it presents a humanized and uniquely personal experience that cannot be duplicated on a screen. Technology has improved the print process with more options, finishes, substrates resulting in extremely high production value. From direct mail pieces to real estate brochures to annual reports, we cut our teeth in print and relish every opportunity to produce highly crafted design for it.

    ​— Brochures
    — Books
    — Catalogs
    — Stationery
    — Posters
    — Promotional Pieces
    — Folders
    — Investor Relations Materials

  • When brands are placed in a larger than life physical context, they are not just seen –they are experienced. They are a way to connect your brand with people, place and time. From exhibit displays, interiors, way-finding and signage, retail environments and presentation centres – we collaborate to effectively design signage and installations that integrate with their environments. Yet, it is a opportunity to communicate a brand’s promise as no other medium can.

    ​— Signage
    — Wayfinding
    — Exhibit Assets
    — Presentation Centres
    — Millwork & Fabrication

  • A diminutive package placed on a crowded shelf singularly holds the potential to capture and draw a consumer’s gaze from across a busy aisle – then engage, inform and persuade the consumer to choose ‘this’ product from a amongst a mass of competing packages. A properly branded package or label is the proverbial ‘mouse that roared’.

    ​— Food & Beverage
    — Product
    — Promotional
    — Instore POS
    — Instore Signage
    — Branded Merchandise

  • Advertising is where we connect the brand emotionally with its customers. We bring the brand, product or solution to life in the minds of our audience through clever storytelling which in turn stirs curiosity and engagement. Whether the branded content takes its form as an animated gif or a large billboard – we make sure it evokes an emotional response, informs and engages. 

    ​— Theme & Content Generation
    — Landing Pages
    — Social Media Content 
    — Display, Social & Print Ads
    — Out-Of-Door, Transit Ads
    — Integrated Campaigns
    — Reporting + Optimization


We’ve worked with clients in seven countries and honoured to be recognized by our industry peers for excellence in design. 

Applied Arts
Summit Awards
Design Edge
Mohawk Awards
Lotus Awards
Lürzer’s Archive
IDN Magazine
Neenah Paper
Hemlock Awards


We leverage over 23 years of experience building and managing successful client brands in real estate, lifestyle and corporate.

​Blu Bathworks
Concord Pacific
Connect First
Create Properties
Domo Tea
Grenor Homes
Mainland Hearing
Metropolitan Floors
Minto Group
Red Awning
Rimex - Tyresense
Schneider Electric
Technical Safety BC




Byron Dowler CDP

Principal, Creative Director

Derek Lam

Director of Digital

Catherine Ang

Design Operations Manager

Dan Whitney

Brand, Marketing Strategist

Sybil Jinli


Devon Dowler

UX UI Designer, Developer

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